Trudelies Leonhardt
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Press Excerpts

redmarb.gif - 0.9 K ". . . the artist emphasizes rhythmic variations and polyphonic parts, altering smoothly between joyful and thoughtful expressions. The purety of the interpretation makes it easy to follow the full polyphonic finale of Opus 110. Some musical ornements, accentuations and a touch of rubato add to the formidable freedom of this interpretation, where the historical Seidner (1815 Pianoforte) provides the space for a highly sensitive expression".

-- Diapason, Paris.

redmarb.gif - 0.9 K "On a Pianoforte of 1815 by Seidner, with a clear and vivid sound, the Dutch-Austrian pianist Trudelies leonhardt plays the Beethoven sonatas opus 14/2, 49/1+2 and 110. The interpretations are full of sensitivity, expression, contrast, with a beautifully balanced sound. A remarkable left-hand play emphasizes the captivating performance very eloquently".

-- Pizzicato, Luxemburg.

redmarb.gif - 0.9 K "Trudelies Leonhardt makes a stunning contribution to the performance on record of Schubert's Fortepiano-Sonatas . . . What is extraordinary is that we are given a completely unexpected feast for the ear: the use of a Viennese Fortepiano of the period (circa 1815) makes the works sound more decisive, more virile the melodies, with almost no loss of sensuousness, and gain in clarity and warmth".

-- Weltwoche, Zurich.

redmarb.gif - 0.9 K "Marvellous Schubert! . . . and one is filled with wonder at Trudelies Leonhardt's talent to serve his cause! Her playing is sober, full of eloquent expression, however without any sentimentality. All is there: incisive accents of a perfectly mastered instrument, the remarkably clear phrasing and, above all, this subtile rubato, privileged mode of expression of the Fortepiano".

-- Diapason, Paris.

redmarb.gif - 0.9 K "We have rarely heard a playing as vivid and fascinating as hers . . ."

-- Pizzicato, Luxemburg.

redmarb.gif - 0.9 K "Trudelies Leonhardt succeeds in passing on the character and soul of the Fortepiano in an inimitable way, far from any artificial recreation, moreover, the music sounds well as if it was created when being played on the proper instrument. Trudelies Leonhardt has the art to stress a note or hold it imperceptibly, and she has an infinite dynamic palette of nuances".

-- P. M., Baden.

redmarb.gif - 0.9 K "Trudelies Leonhardt is a master of phrasing who lets "speak" motifs and melodies".

-- M. T., Stockholm.

redmarb.gif - 0.9 K "What playing! What feeling of well-being! . . . What grandeur! . . . These records were a revelation to me, to say the least . . . To my mind, this marks the beginning of a new era in interpretation on the Fortepiano".

-- G. v. d. L., Utrecht.